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Download Movie Aap Ke Sath (1986) Mp3 Songs

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Aap Ke Sath (1986) Songs

App k sath was directed by J. Om Prakash in the year was one of the good movies with nice script written. Cast of this film was Anil Kapoor, Vinod Mehra, Smita Patil, Rati Agnihotri, Amrish Puriin. It is a drama packed story which revolves around two brothers Ashok ( Vinod Mehra ) and Vimal ( Anil Kapoor ) from a wealthy family.vimal is lazy flirt always love to spend his life playing with women but on the other hand ashok is very nice sophisticated dedicated hard working. Ullpat dat there grandfather also lives with them. Asoke has all control over the business of family look all the matters by his own self contrary Vimal remains involve in his playboy image. One day Ashok see a girl Ganga (Smita Patil) and fell in love with her and soon he get to know she is fraud and after his money. This turn make the story more interesting. He finds out that she has complained against him at the Police Station claiming sexual molestation. Ashok pays her some money and hopes never to see her again. K.K. brings home a young woman named Deepa from the Home for the Aged, who he would like to get married to Ashok. However, Deepa and Vimal fall in love with each other. But not for long, as soon Vimal goes back to his old ways, so much so that he starts frequenting a Courtesan. When Ashok goes to bring Vimal home, he finds out that the Courtesan is none other than Ganga herself. Ashok must now deal with Ganga so that he can free Vimal from her clutches and bring him home this is the interesting point where the story becomes really serious. App k sath was above average on the box office. This is a lovely feel-good movie, perfect for chilling out on a weekend has all the ingredients for a good watch, this movie was not bad at all. It was a good family drama romances from every one.

Aap Ke Sath (1986) Songs

Aap Ke Sath Songs

It has melodious music  given by  Laxmikant Pyarelal. Songs of app k sath has been sung by Mohammed Aziz, Shabbir Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal, Lata Mangeshkar and Salma Agha.they all are the marvelous singers. The lyrics of these all songs are written by Annand Bakshi. The music album of app k sath includes song; chand chupta hai,mera nam salma,behke behke ye jazbaat, aanewale sal ko salam and jind le gaya. So far the songs of app k sath have been praised by the people. Chand chupta hai song is presented by Shabbir Kumar, Aruna Irani, a duet song they both work perfect in a duet. This song has different nodes a particular key is not kept in focus. It has different beats. The song mera nam salma is fast and cheerful song. Voiced by Salma agha has a very mature voice song is ensemble. Another song jind ly gaya sung by Anuradha is a sad and slow song. Liked by many slow songs listeners. Behke behke ye jazbat is a duet romantic song sung by Anuradha paudwal and muhammed aziz with an instrumental music.The performance in these all songs is perfect it is loveable. If you want to listen songs of aap k sath visit different sites you can download free from there.

Direct Download Links For Hindi Movie Aap Ke Sath (1986) MP3 Songs………

1: Aanewale Saal Ko Salaam Download
Shabbir Kumar
2: Behke Behke Yeh Jazaat Download
Shabbir Kumar
3: Chand Chhupta Hai Download
Shabbir Kumar
4: Jind Le Gaya Wo Dil Ka Jaani Download
Lata Mangeshkar
5: Mera Naam Salma Download
Salma Agha

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