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Overtime Songs

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Overtime Mp3 Songs

Here you can download the fantastic songs of upcoming movie “Overtime”. Overtime is movie which explains the practical life. Some turns changes lives suddenly. The cast of overtime includes Satish Kaushik, Aazroo Govitrikar, Zakir Hussain, Divya Dutta, Amar Upadhyay and Swati Sharma.

The director of movie Overtime is Ajay Yadav.Overtime is a story of a girl named as Khushi who lives in city of India, Mumbai, working as a Call Girl but having the dreams of becoming a superstar some day. She (Khushi) is struggling constantly to keep her dreams alive fighting against the corrupt world.

The film is expected to release on 27 July, 2012. The movie is full of masla songs that make you to jump on the dance floor. So download the super classic songs of movie Overtime.



Ajay Yadav

Javed Ali
Ritu Pathak
Swaroop Khan
Sahil Rehan

Arafat Mehmood

Music Director
Sahil Rehan

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