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From Sydney With Love Songs

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From Sydney With Love Mp3 Songs

Here you will be able to enjoy, get, listen or download the latest Hindi songs else it b that From Sydney With Love Mp3 Songs for free in high quality.

From Sydney With Love is Prateek Chakravorty’s production, in the pipeline to get released in later half of 2012. From Sydney With Love Songs are awesome. Sohail Sen, being new in the field, done super well with the songs of From Sydney With Love. Mohit Chohan, always one of the favourites, adds new dimensions to ‘From Sydney With Love’ songs.
All ‘From Sydney With Love’ songs are super cool.  Feeling Love In Sydney is the mixture of many contrasting instruments. I think without any ripple of doubt Sohail Sun deserves an extraordinary acknowledgement in bringing up all the diverse elements together with fit of harmony.
Mohit Chauhan’s unfailingly gorgeous voice affixes the elevated ballad Ho Jaayegaa. The remix, infact seems a bit superfluous and a weird juxtaposition of the original one.
Khatkaa Khatkaa fetches a little bhangra into the actions. The fragility of Naino Ne makes it different from all other songs of ‘From Sydney With Love’. All i can say about this beautiful song is that it is really stunning.
Item Ye Hi Fi, a dance track in amongst the songs of ‘From Sydney With Love’ has a breed of sexy, tattered beat that stands astride rock, pop and a definitely catchy chorus.
Pyaari Pyaari, honored to be the final track in the series of ‘From Sydney With Love’ songs. But it is really awesome as it possesses the epitomy of  serenity, melody and summery. One never want it to end ever.
The plot is based on a dream, came true of Meghaa Banerjee. She come off a petty town. She received a scholarship from an esteemed University in New South Wales, situated in Australia. She goes there to chase his master’s degree in Economics with inevitable butterflies in her stomach.
She gets on upon her maiden mission to Sydney leaving her defensive crust and family behind. Her hang out in Sydney opened her eyes as she came from middle class, conservative background. With the passage of time she embraced the new culture and customs of the entire new world. She took the help ok her friend Kalpana. She made new friends. She was consciously found to mingle in romance and love but her being youthful became the irony of her situation when she met with Rohit.
What happens thereafter is something to watch out in this fun, quirky, emotional and furiously endearing love story set across two hemispheres in the entertainment extravaganza called ‘From Sydney with Love’. So just go for download ‘From Sydney with love’.
All in all, the From Sydney With Love soundtrack album is a sweet and solid listen, with at least two standout tracks: the warm, sunshiney Pyaari Pyaari and the gorgeous Naino Ne. Definitely worth a spin. Be hasty and Download ‘From Sydney With Love Songs immediately to have a hear.

From Sydney With Love


Direct Download Links For Hindi Movie From Sydney With Love MP3 Songs (128 Kbps):

Feeling Love In Sydney  Sohail Sen
Ho Jaayega  Mohit Chauhan
Khatkaa Khatkaa  Mika Singh
Naino Ne  Palak
Item Ye Hi Fi  Neeraj Sridhar
Pyaari Pyaari  Brooklyn Shanti
Ho Jaayega (Remix)  Neeraj Sridhar
Feeling Love In Sydney (Remix)  Sohail Sen

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From Sydney With Love (2012) – SongsRocker.Com (128 Kbps).zip

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